Bill O’Reilly, We Want to Be Your Solar Provider

By Matthew Wheeland - November 22, 2011

billoreillyThe great folks over at Think Progress recently noted that Bill O’Reilly said on his show he’d like to go solar, but can’t find anyone on Long Island to help him do it. “There’s nowhere, no one,” he said. Well, is here to help, Bill! We’re one of the 60 companies in New York that would love to help you go solar. In fact, not too long ago, we wrote this piece about how prominent conservatives like you could change solar overnight.

We’re guessing you live in a pretty big house, too, so solar would most likely save you a boatload of money every year, just like it did for Larry Hagman when he took his massive ranch solar in 2003 —  turning a $37,000 annual electricity bill into a $13 one. Bill, our number is 877-444-4002 and there are some stellar solar incentives available to you in Long Island. We’d like to create an estimate for you right now.

If you’d like to see Bill O’Reilly go solar, too, we suggest Tweeting the following:

can help Bill O’Reilly (@oreillyfactor) go solar. Ready to get an free estimate, Bill?

By Dave Llorens

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