Why Solar Group Discounts are Smart

As Sally here would tell you, makes it safer and more affordable for homeowners to go solar by vetting solar installers, negotiating great deals with them, and acting as a single point of contact for you along the way. Should you decide to go solar, we simply receive a flat fee from the installer, but that fee is the same no matter which installer we choose, so we remain neutral in our selection process. It’s a win-win for homeowner and installer alike!

We’re on your side.

Many homeowners are anxious about the process of going solar because it’s difficult to know which installers are trustworthy.  So, in addition to providing a great deal, we also evaluate installation companies on eleven different factors to find the best one in your area. We’re incredibly fussy, so our vetting process includes visiting actual rooftops to check the quality of the installer’s work. We also rigorously scrutinize the installer’s products, warranties, and customer services practices.

Should you decide to go solar, we’ll be right by your side, making sure the installer is staying in close communication with you throughout the process. If anything ever needs to be expedited or escalated, we’ll act as your advocate.  From signing up to turning the system on, we’re with you, every step of the way.

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