Solar Homeowner Shaikh Sarmad’s Story

“If your electricity bill is $100 or more a month, solar is a no-brainer.”

It makes strong financial sense for most households to go solar according to Huntington Beach, CA, resident, Shaikh Sarmad. We couldn’t have said it better. Read his solar story here.

After becoming a parent, I started to think more about the environment and decided to install solar. I also plan on buying an electric car, so knew my usage would be going up and that I want to ‘fuel’ my car with clean energy.

I was introduced to your program just as I’d begun researching solar — I really wanted to know what was out there. Your website has great educational material for someone like me who was starting my research from scratch.

When it came the time to make my decision, I found the negotiated prices to be the single-most most valuable aspect of . Saramd home jpegMost people think that solar is expensive.They don’t realize that there are typically generous federal tax credits and utility company rebates available. Also, besides purchasing, most solar companies offer various financing and leasing options.

Solar is a very practical solution if your house is viable. It’s just like shopping for a car – you can buy solar outright, get a loan, or lease, with a $0 or small down payment. However, unlike a car, which is a depreciating asset, solar keeps on giving! If your bill is $100 or more a month, it’s a no-brainer, financially and environmentally, for most households to go solar. My last bill was $1.73 — you can’t beat that!