Solar Homeowner Dave Shaffer’s Story

“The electric savings alone…that equals one year’s college tuition for my kids!” Read Dave Shaffer’s solar story.

Philadelphia-based software designer Dave Shaffer signed up with us because the cost-benefit analysis of going solar couldn’t be denied. Read on to hear what he had to say:

I’d been researching solar for a couple of years, but the financials really didn’t work out for me until 2010. I’ll be honest, our primary reason for going solar was the savings aspect — we were looking at monthly electrical bills of about $400.

Something I’d like to tell people is that solar is a very practical solution if your house is viable. For those looking for a way to save more, the electric savings alone over the next 10 years…I mean, that equals one year’s college tuition for my kids!

I’m currently in the process of remodeling my kitchen. That is a massive expense that I know won’t pay off in the same way — five to ten years from now, my new kitchen will be outdated by renovation standards. The way I see it, solar is the only home improvement that really pays you back over 10 to 25 years. While my system cost $40,000, essentially the same price as a kitchen remodel, I’ll only end up owing $11,000 because of all the rebates out there.

Because I was so far along in my research when I was introduced to , I already had most of my answers, and didn’t need much more information from you guys. Nevertheless, your program did help me save a couple thousand dollars on my solar installation.Dave Shaffer solar installation

Mine is the first house in the neighborhood with solar panels on the roof. After seeing the success I’ve had in going solar, I have a couple of friends who are ready to pull the trigger themselves.

When people ask me about going solar, they are instantly skeptical and seem hesitant to believe that it’s a viable way of saving money. But the rebates available in Pennsylvania are the law until at least 2016, so I just try and explain the financials of it and hope people get the message.”