Welcome to the Solar Homeowner’s Lounge! Read Solar Stories, Get Solar Advice.

Welcome to the Solar Homeowner’s Lounge! Read Solar Stories, Get Solar Advice.

Our solar homeowners love to share information and advice. To ask them a question directly, use the handy form at the bottom of their solar story!


  • San Francisco homeowner Sam Weinberger eliminated his high electricity bills by participating in one of ‘s very first deals on solar. Read Sam Weinberger’s Story
  • San Francisco homeowner Ed Lortz says the process of researching solar was confusing until he landed on something that simplified the process. Read Ed Lortz’s Story
  • San Diego homeowner Andres Spagarino wanted to help him find the right installer at the right price, even though he works in the solar industry. Read Andres Spagarino’s Story
  • Pre-negotiated, transparent pricing was a valuable aspect of One Block Off the Grid for Southern California homeowner Shaikh Sarmad. Read Shaikh Sarmad’s Solar Story.


New Jersey:

  • New Jersey homeowner Esther and her husband had abandoned the idea of going solar rising electricity costs made them take another look. Read Esther Poulsen’s Solar Story
  • John Martin had been thinking about going solar since 1970, but didn’t find it economically viable until recently. Read John Martin’s Solar Story
  • Deb and her husband are both school teachers in New Jersey. When their twin sons were born, they realized they wanted to “take bigger steps” to go green. Read Deb Maher’s Story


  • Facing electricity bills of $400 a month and more, Philadelphia homeowner David Shaffer says he went solar primarily for the savings. Read Dave Shaffer’s Solar Story

New York:

  • Long Island homeowner Raina Russo felt like she wasn’t getting the information she needed as a homeowner to make a decision on solar until she discovered one important thing. Read Raina Russo’s Solar Story

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