Peer to Peer Lending From Lending Club


At , we’re always on the lookout for innovative and new ways to help finance the installation of renewable energy.

Well, we recently discovered Lending Club, and wanted to make their services available to PURE members for financing of solar power and energy efficient home improvements.  If you’re interested in getting a personal loan of between $1,000 and $25,000 for green home improvements, going with Lending Club through might be a great option.

Lending Club allows individuals to borrow (and lend) money to their peers for a variety of purposes, including big-ticket green home improvements.  They cultivate a community of lenders and borrowers, offering interest rates and returns that, in many cases, are more attractive than one could typically find through traditional financing institutions (they typically offer between 7-8% interest on loans and provide an average of 9.6% yearly returns to lenders).  We’re excited to offer this service to PURE members – as we’re building a community, we’re especially happy to help our community support itself through peer to peer lending.

For more information on Lending Club and , and to apply to either borrow or loan, visit PURE’s page at Lending Club here.