Should I Buy American-made Solar Panels?

Video transcript: Where are your panels made? We get this question a ton, and the answer’s complicated, because it’s a complicated supply chain. You’ve got American-made sounding companies that are made in the Philippines and assembled in China, you’ve got Chinese-sounding manufacturing facilities that are made in America and assembled in Taiwan. It’s very difficult to pick apart what parts of your solar panel are made where and where the money ends up. So buying American is difficult if not impossible. In general, it’s kind of sad to say, I think we may have kind of missed our window to become a manufacturing giant for solar. Now what will help is doing it- getting solar in your house. That creates unexportable jobs (people who put it up, you can only do that here and it can’t be done anywhere else) and energy independence. So those two things are valuable, and I’d like the conversation to shift away from where are your panels made, to, let’s get people to do it. So, get a quote today.