You Know What? Don’t Go Solar (Part 1)

By Matthew Wheeland - April 9, 2013

Even in this day and age, we hear a lot of pushback against solar. Apparently people still don’t think the sun can produce a lot of energy or that in 2013 we still can’t power homes with anything other than dirty energy.


But, we like to have a little fun here at , so we thought it would be a hoot to see what it’s like on the other side of the fence (the dark, withering, nothing-grows-here side of the fence where sun is bad). So here we go. Enjoy all the excuses for not going solar, and behold the reasons that they’re bunk. We’ll be doing this on a regular basis, so feel free to contribute in the comments.

Reason #1: Ugh, it’s really too much work—and we all have so much on our plates today. Although moving to cleaner and cheaper energy does seem like a good idea to a lot of folks, it also seems like a lot of hoops to jump through. If only there was a solar advocate group that streamlined the process for going solar (ahem), someone that did all the heavy lifting and guess work for the customer, vetted the partners/installers to the highest industry standards, and gave the customer an educated, informed, viable solar solution. If only…

Reason #2: Utility companies aren’t THAT bad. We all have a serious, deep-rooted relationship with our utility provider. They never raise the rates, always have the customer’s best interest in mind, and would never inspire us to punch our cat. All that noise about rising energy costs, extraneous/nonsensical charges? Dirty energy produced by coal and other non-renewable energy sources? Just a bunch of propaganda from the solar industry yammering about rights of the sun over rights of the planet.

Reason #3: Solar is anti-tree. Solar companies recommend that homeowners cut down trees just so they can get exposed roof space. Well, yes. This one is kind of true. In order to get the most from solar panels, those gangly, leafy, shade-giving trees should at least be given a skeptical side-eye. But only if they block the southern-facing part of your roof.

We hear over and over how the deals available today to help people go solar are too good to be true. But here’s the truth:  Homeowners can put little to no money down for a 20-year commitment to produce clean energy for a significantly more affordable rate of power due to incentives and rebates. Thanks to these options, a homeowner can become energy independent from their utility company and help decrease carbon emissions. Furthermore, there is a trusted, independent solar advocacy group that educates, informs, as well as simplifies the complicated process of going solar from gathering information to post-interconnection. Yes, and that is where we at come in.


Rachael Mammen is the Solar Specialist Supervisor (say that five times fast) at . She is ecstatic to flex her sarcastic muscle for this tongue-in-cheek post. For other sardonic noshes and a look into fighting the good solar fight, follow her on twitter (@rachaelmammen). Stay tuned for the next episode of Rachael’s witticisms on solar fact and fiction.

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