Infographic: What’s Your State Good At?

By Matthew Wheeland - December 16, 2010
*Last Modified: June 10th, 2014


More on How We Ranked Each State’s Energy Policy:
When ranking each state’s energy policy, we looked at three key factors: how much the state is doing to encourage energy efficiency through its policies and practices, how much the state is doing to encourage renewable energy through its policy and practices, and how much the state is doing to encourage solar energy adoption specifically (both residential and commercial) through its policy and practices. We also oh-so-subjectively awarded extra points for any special accomplishments such as significantly lowering the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Primary sources that informed our scoring include the 2010 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, the 2010 State Summary of Renewable Energy Portfolios and the 2010 State Summary Solar Report Card by Solar Power Rocks (

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More Sources for The State Superlatives:

By Shannon Coulter


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