The top 18 questions homeowners ask about solar

By Matthew Wheeland - October 5, 2012

*Last Modified: June 6th, 2014

I went around and asked 18 employees to give me a question that they answer every single day with solar customers. Together as a company we probably answer these questions clost to thousands of times a week, so I figured I’d bang out all the questions in individual helpful videos with straight-shooting answers.

Here they are:

Full list of questions

1. Does my solar power work if the power goes out?

2. How long does solar power take to install on my house?

3. Should I buy American made solar panels?

4. Do I need to replace my roof before I put solar power on my house?

5. Can I buy solar panels and put them up myself? (DIY Solar)

6. What is thin film solar power and should I use it on my house?

7. Why do you need my electricity usage to design a solar system for my house?

8. How does the ownership of a solar power system work on a house?

9. How much does solar power cost?

10. Where is pay-as-you-go solar, like a lease or a PPA, available?

11. What happens after a solar lease or PPA agreement ends?

12. What happens to my pay-as-you-go solar power agreement if I move?

13. Which solar panels are the best?

14. How much does an individual solar panel cost?

15. Will solar power change my gas bill or just the electric bill?

16. What is the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour?

17. How much will solar save me if I put it on my house?

18. What does Do?

By Dave Llorens

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