Solar and the Power of the Imagination

By Matthew Wheeland - April 8, 2013

Solar Impulse: Powered by Sun, Flies at Night

New developments in solar power energy are occurring almost daily that both figuratively and literally will light the future of our nation and the world. There’s the Solar Impulse, a long-range solar-powered aircraft that just flew an entire diurnal cycle, including nearly nine hours of night-time flight. If that doesn’t capture your imagination, India just announced that they’re experimenting with solar in a whole new way: solar-powered roofs over highways. Of course, there’s also the practical innovation happening in Lancaster, California, which will require all new single-family homes to have solar panels beginning in January 2014.

The point is that whether it’s a solar-powered plane or community, the opportunities that solar brings to the world can tickle the imagination.

Think of a future where planes, automobiles, transportation systems and even more industries are powered by the sun. We’re making in-roads already, and what a difference it will make in the climate of our entire planet and in the conservation of the limited resources of our world.

The good news is that there’s a really easy place to start: your home. Thanks to innovations in solar finance, every home can be part of this new wave of energy innovation and enjoy the benefits of this new power source. It starts with a simple phone call. At we quickly assess your current electrical bill and work with your utility company to determine if a solar system would be a good option for your home – for free.

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If you’re like me and share an enthusiasm about the future and want to be part of changing your neighborhood, our nation and, ultimately, the world, then solar is a great place to start. And the best place to start going solar is right here at . Check out our FAQ for answers to your most pressing questions, or our Homeowner’s Lounge to see for yourself what life as a solar homeowner can be like.

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