Infographic: What is the Summer Solstice All About?


Today, June 21, is the Summer Solstice — the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere — and for sun- and solar-lovers like ourselves, it’s a cause to celebrate. The solar industry in North America is pulling out all the stops for this solstice, with a wide-ranging Put Solar On It campaign to encourage everyone to go solar. As much as we’re 100 percent behind going solar, we realized that not only did we not know all that much about the solstice itself, we also wanted to know more about how people around the world observe the ...

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For Summer Solstice, the World Wants You to ‘Put Solar On It’

put solar on it

The longest day of the year, Saturday’s Summer Solstice also marks a national day of action for Mosaic’s ongoing Put Solar On It campaign. Opportunities and activities abound, and there’s more where those are coming from. That’s because every day is one of action for the accelerating solar industry, which is going mainstream on Wall Street and Main Street with light speed. To date, Mosaic has plugged smart investors into solar projects to the tune of millions of dollars raised and kilowatts generated. But its newly launched organizing and funding platform Mosaic Places — which is being championed during ...

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Testimonial – John Martin’s Story


“Going solar has been everything I hoped for and more.” Read John Martin’s solar story. John Martin had been thinking about going solar since 1970, but didn’t find it economically viable until recently. He finally installed panels in May 2010, and hasn’t looked back since. Here’s what he had to say about his decision to go solar and experience with : “The group pricing provided by was the clincher. You helped save me money by securing a great price with a much smaller out-of-pocket expense. The communication factor was also good — everyone was very articulate and knew their subject. ...

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Testimonial – Sue Okerson’s Story


“We just got our taxes done and wow…we are getting a huge refund due to installing solar panels!” Read Sue Okerson’s solar story. Snow-filled winters didn’t stop Jim and Sue Okerson from installing solar panels on their Denver home back in March 2010. One year later, Sue is still thrilled about the decision and talks about solar “any chance she gets.” Here’s what she had to say… I couldn’t be happier with my experience going solar. When we installed our panels back in 2010, our first electric bill came out to $9. One year later, we’re still saving money ...

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Time for the World to Go Football-Crazy During the Solar World Cup


Today is kickoff for the World Cup 2014, the start of 31 days of madness as the world’s most popular sport has its biggest event of the past four years. We’re working on a couple of stories about solar and the World Cup that we’ll run over the course of the next month, but in honor of kickoff of this world-spanning event, below is a short look at how FIFA is working to make this event more environmentally friendly. Before we start, let’s put the caveat out there that any event that requires hundreds of thousands of travelers to ...

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New Los Angeles PACE Financing Offers Even More Reasons to Go Solar


After a bumpy start, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing has again picked up steam as public-private option for homeowners looking to solarize. Last month, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted for PACE financing for 42 cities, clearing the way for Renovate America‘s HERO program and other energy retrofit financiers to clean up their carbon footprint. This month, Connecticut securitized a PACE portfolio worth a cool $30 million. So far, 80 percent of the U.S. has enabled PACE, and the rest probably isn’t far behind. That’s because PACE is a rather ...

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Distributed Solar Thrives Online In Deregulated Electricity Markets

Solar Industry

The significance of comparison shopping is in the wonders it’s working in shaping the online energy marketplace. Online energy marketplaces may encourage homeowners to think more about solar in deregulated markets. Chris Stern, VP and co-founder of Pure Energies makes the comparison between the electrical grid and the phone conglomerate that had a monopoly on the landline business in the 80s: Today, there are much smaller telecommunications companies, and most households have more than one cell phone. Stern says, “When the day comes that we have low-cost energy storage, the grid will basically disappear.” Read more: ...

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Infographic: What the Connected Home Can Do for You


Who says we’re not living in the future — even if we don’t have jetpacks or food-pellets? The infographic below offers a look at connected home technologies — some of the most futuristic tools available on the market today — and how they can improve the energy efficiency, comfort and convenience of your home. What the Connected Home Can Do for You The central premise of connected-home platforms is that you should be able to control any and all essential features of your home from your smartphone. Whether it’s lights, thermostats, locks, doors and windows, security systems, music and ...

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What’s Possible with a Connected Home Today?


We have been watching over the past year or so as interest in, and demand for, connected home technologies have started take off. Although home energy management (HEM) and connected-home technologies have been around for years, public awareness really ramped up with the launch of the Nest learning thermostat in 2011. Designed with an eye toward consumers and marketed with the flair only Apple alum could achieve, Nest brought a new level of awareness to smart home devices. To date, ...

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A Good Reason to Go Solar in Texas Now: Some Solar Incentives End this Week

solar panel installers

Update, May 15: We’ve heard from SolarCity and readers in Texas and want to clarify this post: As of Friday, May 16, SolarCity will not be able to offer the current, historically low, single-digit pricing for new solar installations in Texas. We’ve made several changes in the text below to reflect the correct details. Everything is bigger in Texas, as they say, and that’s certainly true of the state’s solar plans, too. Despite being the traditional heart of the oil economy in the U.S., the Lone Star state was also the eighth-biggest solar market in 2013, installing 75 megawatts ...

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