Infographic: Rejected Ad Campaigns of the Coal Industry

By Matthew Wheeland - September 14, 2011

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Rejected Ad Campaigns of the Coal Industry

Don Draper himself would be hard pressed to put a positive spin on the United States’ single largest source of carbon emissions. In fact, for every savvy semantic sleight of hand like “clean coal” there are a hundred concepts in the trash can. Here are some that didn’t quite make it to market.

  • Santa Claus: Pro-Coal Since 1776.*
    *If you hate coal, it means you hate America.
  • See Beautiful Appalachia: It’s not mountaintop removal. It’s 360-degree vista enhancement!
  • It’s so dirty! Yes, coal is dirty. Just like you, naughty girl!
  • Halloween discounters new costumes: Trapped Chilean miner. Free headlamp & powerbar with every purchase.
  • ibreathe: Personal, portable coal scrubbing device. New thinner, lighter mouthguard design; Bluetooth integration; Supporting app shows avoided particulate matter. More cost effective than industry regulation!
  • Visit Rustic Montana. Sure, soon it will be a scarred landscape akin to a Hellmouth, but it’ll make the state a motherlode of money! Asthmazing! Brought to you by an Unholy Alliance of Arch Coal/Governor Schweitzer/Nation of China
  • Black lung is the new black.

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