PURE Energies is committed to being the trusted energy advisor to North American homeowners

Pure Energies is a leading energy advisor in Canada and the United States. We help homeowners adopt solar energy and home conservation products across North America for the benefit of communities and future generations.

With locations in Toronto, Mississauga and San Francisco, we are proudly representing North America in the rapidly expanding international solar, LED and EV market, as a top energy company.

PURE Solar

PURE is one of North America’s largest residential solar energy companies. Our unique online platform and marketplace facilitates the shopping process and the adoption of solar. Our Solar Advisors will distill 2 weeks of research into 20 minutes. It’s all online and over the phone.

Our Solar Advisors will provide you with expert guidance on the vast amount of options and ways to go solar. Financing options are also explained and we can help you with a lease, power purchasing agreement, cash solution, or a loan from the top financers.

In Canada, we are built on Ontario’s Green Energy Act providing $0 cost solar or great rates and perfect solutions for your solar purchases.

Fill out our online form for a free custom comparison today.

PURE Lights

is also helping homeowners save money by adopting LED lighting solutions. Through our unique online tools, homeowners will be able to visualize the beauty, convenience and savings from LED lights. Ordering LED lights for your home will soon be easy.


PURE FuelTM is solar designed with the Electric Vehicle driver in mind. Electricity rates will continue to climb and so will the cost to run your EV. With PURE Fuel, you can lock-in your energy rates and drive an EV that is truly clean.